Who Is Your Favorite Actor?


With so many actors in Hollywood one must ask the simple question of Who Is Your Favorite Actor? Me personally I don’t really have a favorite actor since to me, good movie with bad actors is the same as a bad movie with good actors. At the end of the day I think it all comes down to which movie entertains me the most. I like all actors equally since I don’t see how could we say that one actor is better than another actor?

The Dictator


The movie the dictator was a great davenport vinyl siding movie and I am glad that I took the time to watch it. For those of you who don’t know, the same guy who plays replacement vinyl windows davenport also plays Ala Deen who is a dictator of his country for, I remeber seeing this movie back when I use to download. This movie is very funny and very cool for at the same time; there is a lot of comic relief in this movie which is also a very cool aspect to me. You would think that Borat would be only good in doing those documentary’s that he dose but boy did he prove everyone wrong.

The Searchers (1956) – Movie Review


The movie begins after a tribe of Indians massacres his family which leads to Ethan Edwards searching Farnan wide for vengeance and his Shanice. This 1954 classic is truly one of those movies that she would always watch no matter how old it is. The leading role of Ethan Edwards is played by John Wayne, arguably deemed one of the best actors of all time not to mention that researchers was considered one of John Wayne’s greatest movies of all time.

Don’t get me wrong but he has several great movies this one just seems to stand out of the crowd his other movies simply don’t compared to the quality of this one not to take any credit away from his other movies. This movie simply sets the bar very high for all the rest and movies even his previous ones that he done. The newer generation of people might not be familiar with John Wayne’s movie but the older generation surely is. The John Wayne era in the claim Eastwood era worm and for the more contemporary modern times and both being Great Western movie actors, both having a different era in time.

Monsters University Movie Review

Most people who are going to go see Monsters University have most likely see monsters Inc. one thing I want to point out is that these movies are totally different. With monsters Inc. it was more of the introduction to the characters of the movie and Monsters University is almost the polar opposite since it’s showing them all grown up. I personally think that the target audiences are people who have seen monsters Inc. but then again as I said before the movies are totally different.

Now as far as directing the movie is not very different from the movie the internship which has very familiar characteristics throughout the movie despite being totally different. It seems like the writers and director wanted to keep the original film and emotion that monsters Inc. provoke while having a new twist throughout the movie. I’m going to try to avoid giving out specifics since this will just ruin the movie.I must say that Watch FREE MOVIES! like this are well worth it, I’ll describe more further an article.