The Dictator


The movie the dictator was a great davenport vinyl siding movie and I am glad that I took the time to watch it. For those of you who don’t know, the same guy who plays replacement vinyl windows davenport also plays Ala Deen who is a dictator of his country for, I remeber seeing this movie back when I use to download. This movie is very funny and very cool for at the same time; there is a lot of comic relief in this movie which is also a very cool aspect to me. You would think that Borat would be only good in doing those documentary’s that he dose but boy did he prove everyone wrong.

If you are a lover of stereotypes then this would be the movie for you, the movie really lives up to it’s name. This movie really offends just about everybody since it just doesn’t target on demographic and that is always a good thing when it comes to these movies. As long as you are not a sensitive person then I would highly recommend that you go check out and this movie since you’ll be sure to laugh. I remember when I first watched this movie I was latterly in tears do to how much non preso sul serio  this movie had made me laugh. There are 2 main things I can say about this movie, you are going to get offended and you are also going to laugh. The movie slanders everybody and that not a quality of teeth you find too often in movies these days.

The bummer about this movie is that it dose do a few things that I’ve seen in quite a few movies recently and that the scenes are set-up as isolated jokes and that just doesn’t really work for the movie. I think they could really took this movie in and it would of done this movie more justice. The movie was still good movie none the less and you should go see it you have time and if you don’t have the time then make the time. This movie is one of movies that I’ve seen all year and this makes me like what I do. This movie always had very good sales despite not having that many a list actors.