Here Comes The Boom


This movie is not what you think it’s about and will really wow and amaze you when you finally watch it. This movie in my honest opinion wasn’t good nor was it bad but I think that it could use some work in and a little bit of touchup here and there. The movie starts off as a typical movie like where the class he gets a watch new teacher who really doesn’t do much except for sit at his desk and watch the children make a fool of themselves and eat. Then the school starts doing budget cuts so certain programs within the school like will have to get cut off because there is no funding for it. One of the programs which was going to get cut off was the music program which all the kids love. Kevin James decides to join MMA and for those of you who are not familiar with MMA or don’t, it’s almost like boxing but you can use your hands and feet. It sounded like a good idea at the time for as he proceeds with his plan he noticed that everything is not going according to plan. The thing that I love about this movie is that it uses real scenarios, for example when Kevin James starts to change his life it affects everyone that surround him. At the age old saying goes positive attitude is contagious and I like the direction that the directors to this movie, if you want to know more about this movie just do a Google search. In this movie you see people changing for the better and getting motivated which is always good. Was you could expect from this movie is quite a few laughs; there are some very funny scenes in this movie that I am glad a director included. This movie is simply just astounding and I highly recommend you watch this winter kids. This movie will be highly inspirational to them to succeed in do well in life as opposed to watching other movies at the theater. Movies like this come around once in a while but not as frequently as they used to be. If I had to rate this movie as to how well did I like it I would probably give it four out of five stars from tinsel. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the greatest movie that I’ve seen so that’s why I give it four stars. Selma Hayek was also in this movie but I must say that she was completely useless and that if she was removed from his movie nothing would essentially be missing. I don’t know why she was in this movie if there were going to give her such a little role. I think when it comes to A-list actors if they’re not going to be the focal point of the movie they shouldn’t be included. To me that somewhat devalues the actor and their time is being spent wasted. I love Henry Winkler and I love scene people like Henry Winkler because he really makes this movie great as well. In this movie he plays such a nice guy that in real life you would not allow a guy like that to lose his job. One thing I like most about this movie is that Kevin James character is not doing all of this for himself. He’s learning a new skill just to help someone keep their job and to me that is outstanding person to take a leap like that for somebody else. There are not too many people in society which would do such a thing for a friend, there’s only a rare few in our current a society that would do such a thing and Kevin James happen to be one of them.