Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious 2 trailer  (Screengrab)

This is one of those movies where you need to see the first one before you decide to see this one. The movie will not make make any sense to you if you do not see the first part of the movie so I highly suggest that you go out and ran it. This is not one of those movies that you would want to take your kids to because there are some very scary scenes in this movie that might not be appropriate for them.

This movie is about a guy who has powers to enter something called the further, it’s almost equivalent to a spirit world so to speak. Within the spirit world there are good spirits and there are also bad spirits which linger around. The cool thing about this movie is that the spirits which died in the first movie are still dead in the second movie and spirits that were still alive in the first movie are still alive in second movie.