Catching Fire


This movie like a continuation of the hunger games, movie is very weird very strange and I did not understand it very well. Then there’s this weird guy who appears who wants to kill everybody in the movie is simply just chaotic. I should’ve never spent my time watching this movie because it was not intrigued at all. This movie was thumbing quite frankly I don’t know why they even call it a movie because I fell asleep.

There are several reasons why I did not enjoy this is much is everyone probably thought that I would. One of the reasons are think quality of the movie just wasn’t there and they could’ve written a plot a lot better in this movie. I was quite a shame when I first saw this movie I think that a better job should have been doing with this movie. A lot of people agree with me that this movie wasn’t the best this director has ever shot.

This movie does have a lot of boring and facetious parts which would drive you insane if you aren’t drunk or high. I would like to say something positive about this movie but just for the sake of time is just only point out negatives you can judge for yourself. The movie could’ve been a little bit longer and it was quite short for a movie.

I can spend all day doing other things instead of washing this movie because this movie just wasn’t for me.