Warm Bodies


One thing I know is a lot of people are going to compare this movie with  twilight but then again when you think about it and twilight set a new standard for movies that deals with teenage love. To be honest any movie that deals with teenage love from this point on will probably be compared to the product or twilight and if you haven’t seen roofing davenport iowa twilight just do a Google search for  movies Boca Raton SEO – Facebook online free. Just like such as twilight this movie deals with a girl and a zombie but in wilight instead of it being a zombie was a vampire. One thing I noticed about was after twilight was released there were a lot of film studios trying to copy to twilight formula in hopes of achieving the same success. I really think movie producers should be more creative when it comes to the and come Boca Raton SEO – Pinterest up with their own  ideas as opposed to copying what has worked already.

The reason why this movie probably will never be good as twilight is because twilight was the original concept which no one has seen before and he perfected it. This movie is trying to take an already use concept by copying the whole plot of the movie but they seem to have done a terrible job at it. There are a lot of things I did not like about this movie mainly due to the monologue throughout the movie in the concept that was apparent throughout. For example, seen an alien or should I say zombie was able to think like a human but is not smart enough to walk or disguise himself as a human. I think in my honest opinion this movie was a failure but some might say differently.

One good thing about this movie is that it does touch on the zombie’s perspective which you don’t see way too often. I won’t go as far as to say that this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen but I will say that this movie could use a lot of improvement. These were not your ordinary zombies because they actually had emotions. Most zombies are just mindless and simply want to eat your brains and this is why I mentioned aliens earlier in the article. Just like they say that certain aliens want to take over your brains I think the same can be said for zombies. Thing about this movie is that there’s a lot within the movie that you haven’t seen before.

This movie is very cheesy in is supposed to be a romantic comedy but this is what to expect when movies are released around Valentine’s Day. I think that all movies that’s coming out around Valentine’s Day are usually dumb but there are exceptions for few. When I say exceptions I do mean a small exception which can be viewed, but in my honest opinion don’t expect to see any. One thing I can say about this movie is that it’s better than it should of been. Most movies like these are seriously lame and tend to waste a lot of time. Luckily this wasn’t one of those movies. I would say the only time to go to this movie is when you’re forced to go.