World War Z: Movie Reivew


World War Z is a movie produced by  Mark Forrester starring Brad Pitt also known as the Lien Neeson of U.N. I must say that the movie in a way at least in my opinion kind of suck but Brad Pitt has done a professional job as usual. If not for Brad Pitt being in the this movie (which can be watched). I think that no one would probably bothered to watch it and to be quite honest Brad Pitt was most likely the reason why the movie sold any tickets or why people even search for, he simply turns good movies into great ones. Brad Pitt is just really good in the field he’s clever and smart and he just really knows what he’s doing and I’m pretty sure a lot of aspiring actors are trying to follow in his footsteps.

By all means I want to state right now that I am not some type of Brad Pitt fan boy, I simply just give credit where credit is due. Brad Pitt’s job throughout the movie is to find out how the apocalypse started and the reason for the zombies and how they can stop it. Sorry for being so generic about that but I try not to give too much detail so that if you decide to see it you can go and check out the details for yourself. Throughout the filming of this movie there were eight on of problems such as them not liking the direction that the movie was going, they felt that the movie had a very heavy political message which wasn’t the intent of it. They also thought that the movie somehow seemed a bit too convoluted when in all reality they wanted to make a fun summer action film.

To me this is just a tall tale sign that someone should be fired since we all know that movies tend to cost a lot of money to film and produce and things like these are avoidable. You should imagine the movie in your head before you actually go out and start filming so there is no excuse as to why you would stop filming right in the middle of production because you felt X Way about the movie. Isn’t that what screenwriters are for? Oh well, obviously they have money to waste.

With that being said, the movie in itself was a fun film to watch and there are a few people who said that they had an enjoyable time watching the film.