The Movie “The Night Before Christmas” Will Be Hitting The Shelves Once More


For the 20th year anniversary the movie is being re-released on, inpatient but on a different format which is Blu-ray celebrating its 20th anniversary of. Most people expect the release date to be in December but that is not accurate the release date is actually September 10, 2013 and should be available on the best free movie websites.

Even though the movie has been released already on Blu-ray, this copy will be the first official copy released by Disney not to mention Disney’s planning on releasing a 3-D Blu-ray version which is not available anywhere else currently. I believe that even though people who like already have this movie some will still purchase it, some because the 3-D release and others because they dislike the movie. To be quite honest nightmare near before Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time despite its somewhat creepy imagery movie is simply great still gets five stars in my book despite it being so old. I remember the original release of the movie when I was in elementary school so watching this movie again will bring back some very cool memories.

One of my favorite characters throughout the movie was Jack who wore that creepy suit and but it was always still cool. I think a lot of people like jack simply because he was the main character but I like him because he had this weird mummified look which you don’t see too often in most other Disney characters. Even the way to storyline was written in the movie made it that much better I could not have written storyline better even if I tried. I also think that this movie contains some of the best fictional characters in just about any movie I ever seen.

This movie is great and I simply cannot say enough good things.

Well now that I think about it there is one thing I probably would change about Jack, I would probably have gave him the ability to fly. But that’s just me I’m pretty sure a lot of people would give any of their favorite characters didn’t fly the ability to fly. It simply just makes that character that much cooler.