Grown Up’s 2 – Movie Review


This movie is one of the worst movies that I have ever spent my money on and trust me I’ve spent my money on some dumb things like in the past like. The actors in this movie was not even remotely funny and I’ve seen better acting in cheesy movie sites, you know which ones I mean, the ones that let you find  without paying a thing.  I don’t know what the director was thinking when he made a part 2 to this movie since part one did not even do so well itself. I mean honestly… I could have done a much better job with my iPhone camera because this movie was just that bad all around. I would rather spend my time finding and then to watch this movie again.

Who makes a movie about grown men and women who still think they are kids? And the acting must be a joke since the expressions on most of the actors faces looked like boredom. I am not trying to give this movie a bad review but in all honesty I cannot help it since there is nothing really good I can say about this movie because I hated it from beginning to end like. I am not one of those guys who are overly analytical about movie review, etc.. But when I see a bad movie I have to all it out for what it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen worse but the thing is I’ve seen much better as well.

The reason why this movie sucked to me was due to the fact that it really didn’t have any action or adventure, I mean there were a few adventure scenes but they were not intensive enough for me. Then again, I could be the one who is wrong due to the fact I still haven’t watch this movie with an open mind yet. When I was going to see this movie I was already telling myself this movie was going to suck so that might play a roll in it but then again there are other people who feel the  same way about this movie so at the end of the day, to each is own.

Another big turn off about this movie was the fact that the camera angles really got on my nerves because I know that they could of used better angles. Yes, to most people, they don’t even notice the camera angels but me on the other hand I notice them a lot but this could simply be due to me being a director in the past. Trust me when I say that I know what it takes to make a good movie and I also know what it takes to make a bad movie and this would have to be classified as a bad movie. Also, one thing I learned after watching this movie is that you should always read IMDB rating review since this would save you a whole lot in the long run.

Some might say im being to hard but in my point of view I am simply being realistic and sometimes this is what it takes to make a good movie review. Reviews are hard to come by so this is another reason why I decided to do this review of this movie. If there is anything that you think I should in my next review simply send me an email and I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.