Texas Chainsaw 3D


When Texas chainsaw massacre first came out everyone was terrified of this movie and no one would watch it at dark. The Texas chainsaw massacre is everyone’s biggest fear as to what whatever happened to them.

The original Texas chainsaw massacre movie came out in 1974 which is a premature date for movies in general. Then they had a few sequels which they use to determine what direction it was going to take this. The Texas chainsaw massacre could’ve been a TV show series or movie series and as you know they went the movie route which has worked very well for them.

Grown Up’s 2 – Movie Review


This movie is one of the worst movies that I have ever spent my money on and trust me I’ve spent my money on some dumb things like in the past like. The actors in this movie was not even remotely funny and I’ve seen better acting in cheesy movie sites, you know which ones I mean, the ones that let you find  without paying a thing.  I don’t know what the director was thinking when he made a part 2 to this movie since part one did not even do so well itself. I mean honestly… I could have done a much better job with my iPhone camera because this movie was just that bad all around. I would rather spend my time finding and then to watch this movie again.

Sharknado – Movie Review


This movie is about ace tornado which started by central California which eventually turned into a hurricane but the difference in this storm was the fact that there were sharks flying in it. Strange part about the shards was that they were able to survive on land without any source of water. The shards were even able to breathe like normal human being, so off the bat this should set the tone for the movie. This movie stars Tera Reed who was a wonderful actress that has been getting a decent amount of roles recently. Most people do not know that the creator of the movie is the sci-fi channel. This movie was originally made for television which then got later changed to movie theaters.

Is The Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Edition Finally Being Released?


The dark Knight trilogy set is one of the most anticipated Blu-ray DVD sets of 2013. Fan boys all over the world can finally be able to rest knowing that the box set is available everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those obsessed crazed fans who tattoos Batman all over himself but when products come out relating to Batman especially the trilogy series is just a must-have for people like me. Another reason why I am so anxious is because this trilogy set was announced six or seven months ago and it finally released this week.

The Searchers (1956) – Movie Review


The movie begins after a tribe of Indians massacres his family which leads to Ethan Edwards searching Farnan wide for vengeance and his Shanice. This 1954 classic is truly one of those movies that she would always watch no matter how old it is. The leading role of Ethan Edwards is played by John Wayne, arguably deemed one of the best actors of all time not to mention that researchers was considered one of John Wayne’s greatest movies of all time.

Don’t get me wrong but he has several great movies this one just seems to stand out of the crowd his other movies simply don’t compared to the quality of this one not to take any credit away from his other movies. This movie simply sets the bar very high for all the rest and movies even his previous ones that he done. The newer generation of people might not be familiar with John Wayne’s movie but the older generation surely is. The John Wayne era in the claim Eastwood era worm and for the more contemporary modern times and both being Great Western movie actors, both having a different era in time.

World War Z: Movie Reivew


World War Z is a movie produced by  Mark Forrester starring Brad Pitt also known as the Lien Neeson of U.N. I must say that the movie in a way at least in my opinion kind of suck but Brad Pitt has done a professional job as usual. If not for Brad Pitt being in the this movie (which can be watched). I think that no one would probably bothered to watch it and to be quite honest Brad Pitt was most likely the reason why the movie sold any tickets or why people even search for, he simply turns good movies into great ones. Brad Pitt is just really good in the field he’s clever and smart and he just really knows what he’s doing and I’m pretty sure a lot of aspiring actors are trying to follow in his footsteps.

Monsters University Movie Review

Most people who are going to go see Monsters University have most likely see monsters Inc. one thing I want to point out is that these movies are totally different. With monsters Inc. it was more of the introduction to the characters of the movie and Monsters University is almost the polar opposite since it’s showing them all grown up. I personally think that the target audiences are people who have seen monsters Inc. but then again as I said before the movies are totally different.

Now as far as directing the movie is not very different from the movie the internship which has very familiar characteristics throughout the movie despite being totally different. It seems like the writers and director wanted to keep the original film and emotion that monsters Inc. provoke while having a new twist throughout the movie. I’m going to try to avoid giving out specifics since this will just ruin the movie.I must say that Watch FREE MOVIES! like this are well worth it, I’ll describe more further an article.